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5 Gym Mistakes To Avoid

Dan Stevens

Hitting the gym for the first time? We’ve all been there. Even your fitness idol once had to walk into a gym and get started. The hardest part for many people is just getting through that front door. I promise, it gets easier! You may make a few mistakes along the way and that’s okay. Read on as I share 5 basic mistakes that Gym newbies make and how not to make those same mistakes. Not that I ever made them before of course…

Ab training. Abs are made in the kitchen. If you haven’t heard this before, you will. It’s the truth and science backs it.  1,000 crunches aren’t going to build the six pack of your dreams, especially if you eat like crap. 

Which will bring me to my next point. Not addressing your diet. Whether you want to build muscle or lose fat, diet must be addressed at some point. A proper amount of protein, carbs and fat needs to be assessed for your goals. How do you find those numbers you ask? Investing in a quality and proven nutritionist like me for a meal plan isn’t a bad idea (yeah shameless plug). Whoever you choose, a professional can get you going in the right direction for a reasonable price.

Only training the upper body. I always find it hard to believe that I still see this. Yes, leg training is hard, but good legs are needed to complete a physique. Plus, when you train legs, you see a high hormone release, which in turn will help develop your upper body. And let’s face it, no girl has ever said, “He’s got a great upper body, and I love his chicken legs!”

Lifting every day. If you’re a pro, and know your body inside and out, you might be able to get away with this. But if you’re a newbie, you clearly aren’t a pro. You must rest to recover. Lifting daily will only further dig you into a hole that you’ll never be able to climb out of.

Never researching or asking questions. So many dudes think they know it all. Yet they spend two years in the gym and are still smaller than my 15 lb. shih tzu. You’re going to meet cool people in the gym. When you have that dynamic with someone, pick their brain. Most gym rats actually enjoy teaching. Even better yet, it’s okay to hire a professional trainer. You’re never done learning, and if you’re a beginner, you need to start learning! Remember too, there’s great information online, but some may be conflicting. So be wise. You’re reading this article, so you’re off to a great start!

At the end of the day, whatever your goal is with your fitness career, you have to get started. Today is better than tomorrow, and we can’t bring back yesterday. Stop the excuses and get lifting. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Get pumping! 

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