Welcome Letter From Our Founder

Dear Kandy reader,

First, welcome and thank you. Welcome to the Kandy Life and thank you for taking  a few moments out of your day to download the Kandy magazine app. Tap on any subscription plan to see the different savings. These will not last forever. We have decided how many of each we are willing to sell at these prices and once we reach those goals, the subscriptions will return to their normal prices. So, act now before these amazing low prices disappear!

Our content is exclusive. We shoot our own content. You won’t find our cover models photos in other magazines and except for the rare occasion  you won’t find our photos on social media except the occasional teaser photo we release for publicity. We’re the NEW launching pad for modeling careers.

Whatever we do and whatever you do, do it with class. We’re not part of this underground ‘peeping tom’ network that has infiltrated social media . There is nothing classy about it.  There is plenty of that free content out there. Why make you pay for it? Plus, we certainly wouldn’t want our friends thinking that is the type of woman we’re going to bring home to the parents.

There is quite a bit to get to and I am sure you didn’t download the app to read what I have to say. But, I encourage you to come back to this welcome letter once you are done tapping around our app. I am going to share with you all sorts of hidden gems in our app. And tips where to find some great specials. But, before you leave, one quick tip, rotate your mobile device horizontally when it comes to some pictures. You will see this icon which indicates you can rotate to see the photo horizontally.

rotate_icon IMG_1013 IMG_1014


Kandy is more than a magazine app. Yes, if you tap on Library you can purchase individual issues and subscriptions to Kandy magazine. The best deals are the different subscription options. So, again, please check them out.

Inside the Kandy app …

  • ‘Discover’ will lead you to the same page that brought you here. 
  • The ‘FAQ icon’ will walk you through a few of the features of the app and the best way to navigate some of the content.
  • On the Library screen, you will see the word ‘Collections’. Tap on it to see some of my favorite Kandy issues. 
  • Finally, for our iPhone users who stumbled upon this letter, look for the Menu button in the upper left hand corner.

Well, there you have it. We published our first issue August 31st, 2011. So, this is our sixth year. We’re not going anywhere.  Our writing style is conversational. We cover topics that we think you will find interesting. We give you a honest opinion.

If you need support or have suggestions for us, please email us support@kandymag.com instead of leaving it in the review. 

Subscribe and Join the Kandy family today!

All The Best,
Ron Kuchler
Founder, Kandy Magazine

Well, that is a pretty good round-up of the app. Let’s read what some our customers have to say about it.

Awesome, by: Jones307
Stories are informative and the magazine layout is very user friendly. Not to mention the high quality HD images of the world’s most beautiful women. Nice job!
New top men’s mag, by: NYerRick88
Wow! I didn’t think a magazine for guys could come along and break new ground but Kandy has done it. The angle you have taken with dating advice for guys directly from the women is fresh. The pictorials are hot but it is your interviews with the girls that are groundbreaking. Well done, your magazine is definitely the sweeter side of life.
Awesome, by: Rory2damax
The Best app ever
Fantastic!, by: Gman1402
Great magazine with many outstanding shots. I’m a photographer and many colleagues of mine have shot for Kandy, and the work is always amazing.
Great magazine, by: S2Imagery,
Love the app and the magazine! Best thing on iTunes.
Simply the best!, by: Disneyfun1
This has to be one of the hottest magazines out there! don’t delay, get it today! you won’t regret it!
Fantastic technical support, by: SquidHM3
I had some initial problems with this not recognizing my email address: tech-support fixed in just a couple of days! fantastic team great support good Magazine!

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