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Tips to Pull Off a Formal Look for the Office

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Making a powerful impression on the first day of your new job is the thing that most men worry about. When you are going to your new office, you have to make sure that you are dressed up in formal attire. Going to your new job with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt on is not only going to make you look clumsy and messy but will caste an impression on others that you have an unprofessional attitude. To avoid getting kicked-out from your job, follow the style and fashion tips given in this article.

Suit it up!

Suits are never out of formal fashion trends. However, they come in every season with amplified style, cuts, materials, and colors. Whether it’s black, grey, brown, off-white, or navy blue, suit is an essential piece of your formal wardrobe this year.

Blue is the New Black

The perfect suit for your office this year is a navy blue suit. There was time when black suits were heavy in the formal fashion scene (they are not out of fashion) and everyone would have a closet packed with black suits. However, today black suits have been replaced with dark blue suits. The perfect dark blue suit color is the one with a darker hue of navy blue.

If you are looking for a more casual and playful office attire, you can pick an electric or cobalt blue suit. Electric blue suits are suitable for office and after-office activities including weddings, events, and parties.

Dropping the Tie

This year’s hottest men’s formal wear trend is a suited look without the tie. Well yes, you heard it right. To achieve a more business casual look for office, you can pair your suit with a v/crew neck T-shirt and a thin sweater or knitwear. This three layered look is extremely smart and gives a classy business-casual look for people that want to break from the normal. Moreover, the no-tie look has been adopted by several top of the line designers including Louis Vuitton, J Crew, John Lewis, and Gieves and Hawkes.

Achieving the Perfect No-Tie Look

It might be hard to register the no-tie suited look, but in all honesty, this look is to die for. If you are new to this look, here are some tips below to pair the perfect outfit for a semi-formal look at the office.

  • Wear a navy blue suit with a black roll-neck sweater.
  • Pair a grey suit with a khaki v-neck sweater or plain t-shirt.
  • Pair a classic black suit with a black round-neck sweater.
  • Go all grey by pairing a chic grey suit with light grey toned round-neck knitwear.

Replacing the Tie with Scarves

Dropping the tie doesn’t mean that you cannot add more details to your look. If you want to go for a very chic-smart look for a day at the office, wear a thin scarf with your suit. Adding a scarf to the suit will give you a more casual look. However, make sure that the scarf’s color is close to the tone of your suit. Do not go for vibrant colors like red, yellow, orange, and light green as it will not be suitable for a formal look for the office.

Adding the Element of Jeans

A suited booted look is perfect if you are looking to achieve a professional look for a business meeting. However, the year 2015 is all about breaking the rules and being comfortable in an office suit. Therefore, if you want to spice up your formal look to get everyone’s attention in the office, replace your suit trousers with a pair of dark colored jeans. By wearing jeans instead of your suit trousers, you are going to add more texture to your whole outfit and add an element of comfort to the look.

Adding Khaki Colored Suits to Your Wardrobe

If you have to meet with clients at work or just present an idea to your boss, a khaki suit is the best fit for the purpose. The best thing about khaki is that it is a neutral tone and can be paired with any colored shirt. The simplicity and class of a khaki suit will not only enhance your personality but will give you a corporate look that everyone at your workplace will be inspired by. However, the key to pulling off a khaki suit look, or any suit look for the matter of fact, is that it should be a perfect fit to your body. If you are slightly over-weight, getting the suit made for one size up isn’t going to hide your lumps but just going to make you look messier. Therefore, if you really want to look professional at workplace, your suit should be tailored to perfection.

Your Khaki Suit can be worn to Events and Parties

What can be greater than knowing that the khaki suit you bought can be used for different occasions including birthdays, weddings, corporate events, and dates. Buying one khaki suit is going to save you lots of money. Now, you don’t have to worry about changing your dress to attend an evening event. So, make a smart choice when shopping for formal attire and add a khaki suit to your wardrobe to stay on top of your game this year.

Wear Colorful V-Neck Sweaters

If you are still flooding your wardrobe with buttoned-up shirts for a formal look, then you need to stop. Buttoned-up formal shirts aren’t exactly out of fashion, but there is something that is more trendy and classy. Plain colored v/crew-neck shirts and sweaters are in great demand this year as many designers showcased them in their latest formal collections. Therefore, if you want a change in your mainstream formal appearance, then purchase colorful v-neck sweaters to pair them with suits.

You can wear plain colored sweaters with khaki suits. If you are wearing a dark blue or green colored suit, pair it with a dark colored sweater. A grey v-neck sweater is going to work with any dark toned suit.

Don’t Forget the Briefcase

Briefcases are meant for professional or office use because where else do you think you can pull them off? A brown colored leather briefcase is going to amplify your formal look and give you an edge over others. If carrying a briefcase to your workplace everyday seems like a lot of work, then carry it with you when you have to meet clients, give a presentation, or propose an important business idea. Leather envelope bags are in fashion, and are manageable and smarter than big sized briefcases.

Replacing Briefcase with a Backpack

If your workplace isn’t particular about formal attire, then you have a great chance to play with your look. To achieve a more casual look for office, you can replace your briefcase with a backpack. No, we are not talking about a funky backpack. A workplace backpack is different from a college boy’s backpack because it is meant to portray a professional look rather than a carefree look. However, when going for a backpack, make sure it is nothing too colorful or obvious. Keep it clean, smart, and professional, and opt for a brown or black colored leather backpack. Moreover, avoid printed and patterned bags if you want to look like a grown-up and responsible man at the office. Don’t go for a nylon bag as it contains a lot of straps and buckles which make you look very casual.

If Wearing a Tie, Wear it in Style

Ties are not in trend this year. However, they are not completely out as well. Ties, bows, and pocket squares are really helpful in giving an edge to your whole office look, especially if you have an important meeting to attend. To be able to do justice to your formal look, you need to pick a tie that has a good texture, color, and pattern. If you are afraid to play with the design and color of the tie, then you will have no interesting addition to your look.

Best Ties to Complete Your Formal Look

Cotton, cashmere, wool, and silk ties are very much in fashion. However, we have seen a drop in the tie trend; but nevertheless, ties are still a solid part of the office attire. So, if you are having troubles giving the tie up, make sure you buy something that is textured. A combination of wool and silk is a perfect pick for a more business-formal look; but when it comes to a sleeker look, you should choose a slim silk tie to go with your suit or formal outfit.

Add Caramel Colored Accessories to Your Wardrobe

Caramel colored leather shoes, belts, and bags are pretty much the talk of the season or to be honest; the year. The men’s fashion scene has definitely amped-up this year with a drastic change in color trend. There was a time when only black leather goods and accessories were in the stores; but today, we can find caramel colored leather staples all around us. Well, to be frank, everyone was getting bored of buying brown and blacks.

If you are looking to achieve a crispy formal look for office, get your hands on caramel colored leather accessories. There is a great choice in caramel leather goods that you can add to your wardrobe including a caramel colored leather jacket (if it’s not too much for you).

An Alternative to Leather

Leather is not always the most affordable choice in apparel and accessories. So, if you are looking for a cheaper or low-cost alternative to leather, opt for khaki or caramel colored cotton apparel. Instead of a leather jacket, simply go for a cotton suit or jacket that comes under your budget. However, if you really want to get a classic formal look for office, buying a couple of leather apparel won’t hurt you.

Buying the Right Pair of Dress Shoes

When buying formal apparel, everyone aims at getting a classy look but not everyone is ready to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars. One of the most stylish shoes for a formal look is traditional loafers. If you are one of the many who think that loafers are out of fashion, then you are sadly mistaken. However, loafers aren’t the same anymore, as many designers and shoes makers have spiced their designs to make them look more interesting and trendy. You can get a pair of loafers in different colors to enhance your overall office look. Shades of brown, caramel, and grey go perfectly well with any formal attire.

Go for a Kiltie Loafer

A great way to add a fun element to your formal look is to go for a kiltie loafer. These loafers consist of tassels and a fringy kilt. These loafers are most suitable with casual office attire without socks. If you may, fold the hems of your trousers to your ankles to give a smarter and unique look.

Suede and Leather Roped Loafers

If you want to attain a more high-end formal look, you can go for loafers that have leather roping. These loafers are classy and stylish, and are a perfect staple for a new formal look. These loafers’ designs consist of a bow tied with a leather rope on the top. You can look for an affordable or local loafer brand to achieve a smart formal look for the office.

Wrap Up!

When it comes to formal wear for office, there are many choices that you will come across. However, the year 2015 is all about pulling off a smart and comfortable formal look for the office. One of the formal essentials for this year is the perfect navy blue and khaki suit. The tips given in this article are based on the current men’s trends in the fashion industry. So, if you want, you can play with different textures and colors to achieve a look that suits you well. Remember to keep it classy.

Happy Shopping!

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