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Las Vegas Attire 101


We don’t proclaim to be GQ when it comes to fashion and style. However, we do think ourselves very good at the basics. For example, when taking a trip to Vegas with the boys there are a few staples that are mandatory in your wardrobe. Let’s go over these obvious items.

Day Activities

These days spending time at the pool or Dayclub [which is in vogue] is a given. So you should make sure you have packed a pair or two of swim trunks, preferably not a speedo and more akin to board shorts.  And if you are going to be spending some time at the pool then you need the proper footwear. It should go without saying but don’t forget the sandals or thongs or flip flops, as some of you may refer to them.  Summer temps in Vegas regularly exceed 100 degrees, and 110 on many occasions, so pack lightweight t’s and a hat to shade your head. Don’t forget to hydrate and if you have the money spring for a cabana; it’ll keep you out of the sun and the ladies will come to you. Trust us.

Nighttime Festivities

If your trip is akin to the usual Vegas getaway we are talking two nights. This means an upscale dinner one night and a casual get together the other night. It also probably means a night out at one of the high tech Vegas clubs, possible a strip club thrown in, and a bar lounge and table games the other night. If you want the ladies to notice you then don’t skimp on your nighttime attire.  You can never go wrong with a sports jacket, black is safe or if you can pull it off, midnight blue or a light crème colored blazer; pair with a comfortable pair of slacks or in style jeans. Bring buff shoes to match and you are guaranteed to be the sharpest looking guy in your crew. That is, unless they also read Kandy.

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