Summer has finally arrived in the northern hemisphere and that means it’s grilling time. And what better way for the Kandy millennial man to grill than by adding a little modern technology to the equation. The following gadgets will ensure that you never over-cook or under-cook on the barbeque again.

iGrill2 Retail Price: $99.99
The next generation iGrill is a Bluetooth Smart grilling thermometer designed for the pros but built for everyone. It may well be the ultimate grilling gadget for pit masters worldwide.

iGrill 2 Product Features:
Four Probe Capability (comes with 2)
150 Feet Bluetooth Smart Range
200 Hour Battery Life
Illuminated LED Display
Proximity Wake-Up
Magnetic Mounting
Two Viewing Angles

iGrillMini Retail Price: $39.99
Take the guesswork out of grilling and smoking with this ultra-compact Bluetooth Smart meat thermometer. It monitors the temperature progression of your food or the ambient air temperature of your grill or smoker right from your smart device using the iDevices app.

Product Features:
Single Probe Monitoring
150′ Bluetooth Smart Line of Sight Range
150 Hour Battery Life
Temperature Indicating LED
Proximity Wake-Up
Magnetic Mounting
Two Viewing Angles

iDevices Connect App – Free iOS and Android Download
The coolest item we discovered about the iDevices Connect App is that if you one of the few cool kids who sports an iWatch you can use the iDevices app from your iWatch to program and monitor your grilling.

iDevices Connected App Features:
Custom and Preset Temperature Alarms
Min / Max Temperature Range
Graphing and Exporting
Simultaneously Monitor Multiple iDevices Connected Products
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