New England Patriots 2015 Season Outlook

Mister Obvious SaysDeflategate. Listen, we are not going to hide our disdain for the Patriots. So, if you are a Patriots fan you can just skip this section now. Brady and his smug smile is all that is wrong with sports today. What makes sports great is called sportsmanship. The word ‘sports’ is part of it. Something neither Brady, Coach Hoodie or Kraft know anything about. To them, it is all about gamesmanshipthe art or practice of winning games by questionable expedients without actually violating the rules. And, if you disagree with us on that then you are just a homer and there is no reasoning with you. To patronize Patriots fans a bit, we’ll throw Peyton Manning into this same category with his quick snaps while the defense is rushing players on and off the field. There is nothing sportsman about it.

Biggest Additions – None. They signed no one noteworthy.

Biggest Losses – Revis. Gone home to the Jets. Irreplaceable.

Rookie To Watch – Safety Jordan Richards of Stanford. A surprise 2nd round pick, who was a sixth round project by most draft pundits. The kid from Folsom High School in California was a starter all 4 years at Stanford. He is said to have a high football IQ, a quarterback for the defense who knows where everyone is supposed to be positioned for each play call.

Marquee Match-up – Week 12 at the Broncos. Brady versus Manning one more time. What is the over / under on how many times we will hear the word ‘deflategate’ mentioned during the telecast.

Game Most Likely To Win – Week 9 at home against the Redskins. We were ready to pencil in week 3 at home against the Jaguars but with the uncertainty regarding Brady’s availability we feel safer with the Redskins pick.

Game Most Likely to Lose – We are going to say week 10 on the road against the Giants. The G-Men just seem to have Brady’s number.

Overall Thoughts – The season will be dominated by talk of deflategate and how much time, if any, Brady misses due to a suspension. The AFC East is tougher than past seasons, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Does coach Hoodie have any more tricks hidden up his sleeve to capture another division crown? This team does not strike fear into the opposition but neither did last year’s team.

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