Morgan Hollie – April 2015 Krush of the Month

Quintessential Southern Innocence

April 2015 Krush of the Month
Morgan Hollie
Photos by Mike Prado
HMU Teri Groves

The photos speak innocence. Her interview screams innocence.  Her look is All American girl as there can be.  She may very well be the most perfect example of innocence we have ever featured in Kandy.  Her favorite singer of all-time – Elvis! Who would have seen that coming? Her favorite song? Simply Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd.  Her favorite movie? Any of the James Bond flicks! She watches the Smurfs! Come on!  When we asked her what her favorite ‘ride’ was we were expecting an auto of some sort – car, truck, motorcycle. She gave us an actual RIDE – Goliath at Six Flags. Hollie may very well be the perfect guy’s girl. Oh, how innocent is our April Krush of the Month Morgan Hollie? You might just forget what Century this is.

Hollie 101

How long you been modeling? I’ve been modeling for about two years.

Describe your dream vacation. My dream vacation would be to go out of the country and experience and learn about a new culture!

What is the best gift a guy could get his girl for her birthday? I would love for a guy to plan an entire day for my birthday. Have everything planned out from breakfast, lunch and dinner with surprises throughout the day!

Who inspires you? My friends inspire me to work hard and to always achieve goals.

What has been your best first date? My best first date would be when this guy took me to see my favorite ballet. We had a nice dinner and then he pulled out tickets to see the contemporary ballet petite mort.

If you had the power to create one new law what would that be? To walk around naked without getting arrested for indecent exposure! Lol

What are the last 5 songs you downloaded? Blank Space, Thinking out loud, Style, Take Your Time, Wake me up

What are the first 5 items you see in your purse? Wallet, Chapstick, lipstick, lip gloss, sunglasses.

What is in the backseat of your girl? Nothing actually! I keep my car pretty clean!

If you were to choke a smurf, what color would it turn? Believe it or not, this was answered on an episode of the Smurfs, in which one of them threatened to hold his breath until he turned red. But instead he turned a dark purple.

Are you an iPhone or Android girl? Team iPhone!! I had an android for about a year and then switched to an iPhone and I’ve never went back! I love my iPhone.

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