Kindly Myers – December 2015 Krush Interview

Do you have a signature drink that you mix as a bartender? My go to shot to make is a John Wall shot. It’s my favorite to make, most likely because I am a Kentucky wildcat fan.

The best thing about southern girls is … Our charm.

What is an unique talent you possess? I can blow fire.

Mountains, Lakes or Beaches? Beaches

Las Vegas or Nashville? Las Vegas is fun (to visit), I love living in Nashville.

Jeans and a pair of cowboy boots or a snug dress and heels? Jeans and cowboy boots.

Ford F-150 or Aston Martin? I’m going to go with the Aston Martin. Lol I’m not a ford truck kind of girl.

Justin Timberlake or anyone else? Channing Tatum!

Country, Rock or Pop? I love music. I don’t really have a favorite I listen to it all.

Better Kentucky coach, John Calipari or Rick Pittino? Calipari


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