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The Kandy 360 App wraps in a single platform lifestyle, sports & entertainment content for men.

Since 2011, Kandy has been the first to uncover the hottest “new talent” and continues to bring you exclusive pictorials of some of the hottest “name girls” being published in the world.

Kandy 360 – a candy bowl filled with sweets, treats and tidbits. You may love our Kandystand sweets but it’s the treats that will have you coming back for a second, third and fourth helping.

Start and finish your day with a daily dose of Kandy 360, a 360-degree media compilation of Kandy’s daily news, blogs, snaps, chats, grams, posts, scopes, tubes, pix, vids, pods and feeds – all wrapped up in this beautiful little app.

Just don’t overdose – it could be hazardous to your relationship.

Only Kandy 360 gives you these editorial treats:
+ The Girlfriend Experience – first impressions matter and with the girlfriend perspective on fashion & style we uncover your own personal attitude that best suits you
+ The Geek Experience – Gadgets, Apps,Game tips and all the latest from CES, including home electronics to fit anyone’s budget, big or small.
+ The Buddy Experience – Firsthand, unbiased “test drive” knowledge from “your boy”; guidance and recommendations on vacation spots, autos, real estate, luxury time pieces, gourmet cooking & fine dining, wines and spirits..
+ The VIP Experience – velvet ropes no longer separate you from the hottest women in the hottest clubs

Kandy 360’s content channels expand the magazine app into new media realms.

Download Kandy 360 today!


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