Kandy 2015 NFL Season Playoff Predictions

We have a pretty amazing record for predicting the playoff teams. Once they make the playoffs that is another chapter but predicting the teams that make the playoffs we are pretty accurate. Last season we went 5 for 6 in the AFC, only missing the Bengals over the Chargers. In the NFC, not as well, going 3 for 6, getting the Seahawks, Packers and Cowboys correct. Overall, 8 for 12, or 67 percent accuracy. Not too bad.  And, in 2013, we went 7 for 12, still over 50%. So, what does our crystal ball say for 2015? Let’s take a look.

In the AFC, we like for division champs the Broncos, Dolphins, Steelers and Colts. For the two wild-card teams we are going with the Chargers and Chiefs. Our heart wants to throw the Texans in as one of the wild card teams but we don’t see Brian Hoyer leading them to the playoffs despite what appears to be a fearsome D. And yes, we are predicting that the Patriots do not make the playoffs this year. No more tricks left in the NFL rule book to manipulate. It was tough to leave the Ravens out but we think KC has more in the tank this year than Baltimore. And, the Jets and Bills, bottom-third QB’s will not take you to the promise land, even if they are an upgrade over last years model and you have a top 5 D in all of football.

In the NFC, we like for division champs the Eagles, Packers, Cardinals, and Falcons. Really, in the NFC South you could flip a coin, if it had three sides to choose between the Saints, Falcons and Panthers. We are going with the Falcons. For the two wild card teams we like the Cowboys and Seahawks.  The only other teams we contemplated as wild cards were the Lions and Vikings but they are not as strong as the Cowboys or Seahawks this season.

When the NFL post-season derby is all said and done we expect to see the Eagles against the Colts in Super Bowl 50 with Andrew Luck hoisting his first ever Lombardi trophy.

Agree or disagree? Comment below and let us know.

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