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Grooming Tips to Keep You in The Game

Check Your Look Before You Hit The Door This Summer

Grooming Tips to Keep You in The Game

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The sweltering summer season doesn’t mean skin and hair care changes for women alone. If you value your personal image, you should follow a daily regimen for skin care and grooming during the long summer months. You will enjoy more success, professionally and in your personal life, if you always look your best.

Take Care of your Hair
Many shampoo brands are classified by the type of hair on which they will be used. Most “normal hair” products will work, unless you have very oily or dry hair. Moisturizing shampoo will provide your hair with extra moisture, but discontinue using it if it makes your hair appear oily. You only need a small amount of shampoo for your daily hair washing.

Hair Conditioners and Conditioning Treatments
Select a conditioner that is made for your hair type, so your hair will look shinier and feel softer. Conditioners with moisturizers allow your hair and scalp to retain their natural moisture more easily, and this is ideal, especially if you have coarse, dry or curly hair. You may also use a thickening product if you have thin hair. It will coat each hair with protein, and works especially well if you have flat or fine hair.
Taking the time for deep-conditioning hair treatments will give you stronger hair and a healthier scalp. These hair products contain proteins for softness and humectants that rehydrate your hair. Once a week is usually enough for a deep treatment, unless your hair is especially dry or coarse.

Dry Shampoo for Busy Days
There is no rule that says you must wash your hair every day. However, if you want to look your best, you can use dry shampoo on those days you don’t do a full wash. Powdered shampoos improve your hair condition and keep it from becoming dehydrated.

Styling Products Complete the Look
If your hair is fine or very straight, mousse can help lift it by adding height. Mousse can be applied to wet hair, but if you apply it after your hair has dried, it will give you less of a slick look, leaving your hairstyle looking more natural.
Yes, Men Use Hairspray
Hairspray is not just for women anymore. It can give your hair staying power, and you can use it regardless of your hair type. It is especially helpful if you have thinning hair, since it is light and won’t cause your hair to lay flat against the scalp.
Keep Your Neck Well-Trimmed
You may look a bit sloppy if you have more than a quarter inch of hair on your neck. Using a handheld mirror and a hair clipper, trim up from the base of the neck in short movements every couple of weeks. This will allow you to show a neat and clean neck without taking a chance on interfering with your hairline.

Facial Cleansing
Men should use cleansers with moisturizers – they are not made exclusively for women. Warm air, UV rays and wind can leave your skin leathery, flaky, dry or itchy. Since men may not have as many antioxidants found naturally in their skin, a moisturizer will help to heal and maintain your skin cells.

Men used to have to make do with women’s moisturizing cleansers, but men’s and women’s skin have differences. Your skin is about 20% thicker than most women’s, since you have more connective tissue and collagen than women do. There are many men’s moisturizing products available now, and the area of skin care for men has very definitely evolved in recent years. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding men’s cleansers and moisturizers.
You will see many more men’s skin care products in your local drugstore or online. Men don’t have as much a need for exfoliating as women do, since your skin exfoliates naturally when you shave regularly. Using a lighter moisturizer is helpful, since your skin is probably oiler than most women’s. Be sure to select a product that is suitable for your skin type, especially if you have sensitive skin.

The Eyes Have it – Tweezing Your Eyebrows
The unibrow was never very popular, and it’s not a look you want to show, summer or winter. Using tweezers, hold the skin in between the brows taut, with a finger and thumb. Pull the unibrow hairs out from the base, every two to four weeks. Pulling swiftly will prevent hair breakage and the sting won’t be as noticeable.

Grooming the Nose Area
Nose hairs are necessary for the protection of your mucous membranes, but you don’t want to allow them to “grow wild”. Stand in front of a mirror and simply squeeze both sides of your nose, If hair can be seen, snip the tips with a nose hair trimmer. This can be done as often as necessary.

Shaving Is Good for your Skin
It may surprise you to know that shaving benefits the health of your skin. It aids in sloughing off dead, rough skin and helps in exfoliation. If you end up with raw or red skin after you shave in the summer months, look more closely at the way you shave.

Using a wet washcloth on your face before you shave will open your pores and soften the hair. Pre-shave lotions also soften your hair, which makes it easier to shave. Don’t use bar soap for shaving; rather, use a rich and moisturizing shave cream. You’ll be preventing nicks and this will allow you to shave without razor burn.

After you shave, use an aftershave product that nourishes your skin. This closes the pores and moisturizes and soothes your just-shaved skin.

For Those Who Sport a Beard…
If you have a beard, it is imperative to keep it clean and well-trimmed, especially in the summer. Mild shampoos allow you to cleanse your beard, without bothering sensitive skin.

After you shampoo your beard, a conditioner may be applied. Make sure that you thoroughly rinse it, or it may cause flaking. Beard hair is usually quite coarse, so conditioners won’t work as well as they do on your hair, but your beard will still feel softer.

Pat your beard with a clean towel to dry it. You don’t need to blow-dry your beard, since this tends to be harsh, especially on sensitive skin. Comb your mustache and beard and remove any tangles. You can use a brush, if that’s more comfortable for you.

Professional or Home Beard Grooming?
Unless you have a friend that’s quite handy, you may want to leave beard trimming to a professional. Alternately, you can trim your own beard, as long as you have all the right tools. You should use beard trimmers or scissors. Barber’s scissors are helpful, if you choose to trim your beard this way. If you elect to use a trimmer, then models that are cordless and rechargeable are good choices.

A wide-tooth comb is helpful for maintaining your beard, while a fine-tooth comb often works better for mustaches. You can also purchase combs specifically made for mustaches and beards.

Be sure not to trim your mustache or beard when they are wet. Water causes the hair to become longer, and you could trim off more than you want.
If you’re using scissors and a comb, go through your beard with the comb and cut the hair outside the comb itself. You won’t be perfect the first few times, so be careful that you don’t cut off too much. It’s much better to not cut off enough, rather than taking off too much.

Beard Trimmers Make the Job Easy
Most beard trimmers have removable, adjustable trimming guides. This allows you to adjust the position and control the closeness of the trim. Adjust the trimming guide for a longer length until you become accustomed to using the trimmer.

For mustache trimming, comb the mustache down, first. Then use your beard trimmer (or scissors) for trimming. Begin in the middle and trim to either side. It’s a good idea not to trim or shave the very top of your mustache. Mustaches normally look more natural if they are allowed to grow up to your nose.

After you have trimmed your mustache and beard, maintain the beard shape. You can use your beard trimmer without the adjustable guide to define your neckline. You can also shave your neck’s lower portion to maintain the line. Remove any stray hairs with a trimming razor, rather than plucking them. Plucking can cause sensitive skin to redden.

Keep Your Chest Looking Great for the Summer
Chest hair should be a bit over one-half inch in length, according to many men’s style salon professionals. Use a hair clipper, and trim it every two to three weeks. If you have never trimmed your chest hair before, leave it a bit longer the first time, so the change won’t appear or feel too abrupt.

Getting Rid of Body Odor
If the hot, humid weather leaves you sweaty and sticky, there is more you can rely on than simply deodorant. Start when you shower by using a body cleanser with bacteria fighters. Body odor occurs when bacteria and sweat mix, and body washes help to prevent odor before it has a chance to begin.

Skin Care for Summer
The hot weather of summer usually causes your skin to secrete more of its own oil, or sebum. This is especially true in humid areas. Excess oil may cause your skin to appear shiny, and can clog your pores. These problems are especially prevalent in men who have oiler skin to start with.
Select a skin cleanser that will break down impurities and oils, which will leave your pores unclogged and clean.

Summer = Sunscreen Required
Even if you feel that sunscreen application every day is annoying, it saves your skin from wrinkles, premature aging and, of course, skin cancer. The sunscreen products you buy today are not sticky like old-style sunscreens. Most of them are made with lightweight formulas that even allow you to forget you are wearing a sunscreen. By the way, sunscreen is important during the winter months, too.

Look for sunscreens that are broad-based, without oils. SPF 30 or higher is generally thought to be safer. Matte formula sunscreens absorb your excess oil, so your skin won’t feel greasy. If you will be outdoors a lot during the day, be sure to take sunscreen along and reapply it every one or two hours.

Perfect Your Skin Routine
If you have any specific concerns like acne, sensitive skin or wrinkles, you once would have had to purchase a variety of products to handle all your issues. Today, you will find many formulas available that can handle any problems you may have with your skin.

If you want clean skin without a bunch of bottles, for instance, you can use a cleanser that not only exfoliates, but that also helps to get rid of debris and dead skin cells. Today’s sunscreens do more than shielding you from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Some are designed specifically to treat additional skin conditions at the same time. They protect your skin from damage, while they prevent lines or treat acne.

Hot, humid weather often leaves your skin shiny and oily. Moisturizers that include UV protection and unclog pores will help you to care for your skin while you protect it. There are formulas available that are made specifically to absorb the excess oil found during the summer months.

Antioxidants are a vital part of your anti-aging routine, even for men. They defend your skin against stressors brought about by the summer environment, including those harsh UV rays.

Summer Skin Care Simplified
You don’t need a complicated routine for skin care to keep your skin healthy during the months of summer. A few multi-purpose products will help you to simplify your skin care routine, and still allow you to enjoy a clear, healthy complexion.

Stay Hydrated
In summer especially, it’s vital to stay hydrated, inside and out. This means drinking plenty of fluids (preferably alkaline water) and using facial moisturizers to hydrate your skin. This will prevent your skin from the overproduction of its natural oils. Since so many moisturizers contain SPF, this makes your summer grooming routine simpler and more readily accomplished.

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