Germany’s Ramona Bernhard Kandy Interview

Let’s Go Mow a Lawn – Kandy Style
Ramona Bernhard
Photos by Oliver Burghart

Blonde hair, blue eyed beauty Ramona Bernhard of Munich, Germany only had to ask us once if we would share her gorgeousness with the readers of Kandy. How better to share such a statuesque knock out than with a lovely mow of the lawn, wearing practically next to nothing and heels.

As this is our first stop for the World of Kandy train in Germany we are relying on Ramona to provide some insight into Deutschland.

Ramona, we noticed you were Miss Tourism Germany 14. What is that?
It is like Miss America in the USA but it is for tourism. So, I am the face of German tourism.

As the face of German tourism, which German city would you recommend for Americans with the best nightlife?
Oh, we have a lot top nightlife cities, Berlin or Munich but my favorite is Stuttgart. They have a 2-mile long street, full of clubs and bars and event locations so you can party the whole night … it’s very Mediterranean.

Where is the best vacation spot in Germany?
For sure, the Alps in Bavaria. You have everything there – lakes, mountain, sun, snow, perfect food and a lot of culture.  Alternatively, most people don’t know that Germany has a nice coast …

What do you love most about Germany?
The freedom. The culture. The cars. The lifestyle. The food.

Let’s find out a little about the German culture. Who is the sexiest German ever?
Oh, I think our sexiest export is Heidi Klum. But do you know that Bruce Willi, Sandra Bullock and many more were born in Germany.  Also, Leonardo di Caprio, Claudia Schiffer and so on.

Here we thought they all were Americans. Well, except for Heidi.  What do you love most about America?
The sexiness. The freedom. My relatives live there. Las Vegas.

Vegas you say?! Hmm. Do you have a wild Las Vegas story?
I partied in the Playboy club at the Palms. I never will forget that night. It ends in a party 1 day later in the Valley of Fire without any sleep.

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