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What happens when you receive an invitation to attend a formal event or a wedding? Do you have a wardrobe packed with suits and formal apparel or do you have to run out to shop for a decent suit? Well, every man faces challenges when he is invited to an event. Not everyone has a perfect suit hanging in the closet. Therefore, you need to be aware of the latest formal fashion scene so that you can prepare for any unexpected or sudden event.

The good part about shopping for the summer season is that you get to have a lot of options. If you are one of those who don’t keep up with the changing trends or find it hard to buy a thousand dollar suit, then you have to pick something that you can use for office, meetings, and other events as well. Let’s not waste any more time and read onto the list of wardrobe essentials that you need to get your hands on to prepare to attend any event for the next two months.

Dress to Impress

Whenever you get an invitation to be part of a wedding or a corporate event, you have to dress in something that is not only unique but utterly impressive. Well, you heard it right. You cannot be boring and opt for old, traditional suits because the world is becoming more stylish by the minute. Runway fashion has definitely taken a turn in men’s fashion. Therefore, we have quite a few trends in line for you for a perfect summer occasion. Anything too mainstream is not only going to make you look uninteresting but will also not prove to be lucky for you (yes, you will attract no girls). So, let’s take a look at some of the hottest trends and formal fashion do’s and don’ts for this year.

The Days of Matching Shirts and Trousers are over!

Remember the time when wearing same colored shirt and trouser was cool? Well, not anymore! Men’s formal wear trends change quicker than the seasons. When you start to accept a new trend, you come to know that it is no longer in fashion. However, one thing is for sure, no matching shirts and trousers. If you really want to look trendy and on top of your fashion game at a wedding or an event, you have to add more colors, textures, prints, and layers to your look.

Creating a Statement that Lasts

Statement pieces are very much in fashion, simply because they put you in the spotlight and who doesn’t want to get attention? When wearing a suit, you can always go for a printed or colorful tie as a statement piece. If it is a wedding that you have to attend, you can replace the tie with a bow, but make sure that the bow is of any color but black.

When you want to create a style statement, you can go for a more interesting blazer or suit. A lightly printed black or blue suit will serve as a perfect statement piece and the good news is that printed blazers and suits are in fashion.

Checkered Suit for a Corporate Lunch

If a plain blue or black suit seems too mainstream to you, you can always go for playful options, especially in the summer season. Well, this is no surprise that patterned suits have been a great part of the runway fashion for summers, but if you missed the fashion news, here we have everything you need to know.

Adopting a unique style is never harmful. However, you need to make sure that the style is in trend and you have what it takes to pull it off. A checkered suit or blazer is one such piece that is going to do justice to your formal summer look. Whether you have to attend a corporate event or go on lunch with delegates, a checkered blazer will make you look flawless.

Tips to Wear the Checkered Blazer

It is best to buy a white colored blazer with blue checkered print on it. However, there are no limitations to the color you choose, as it is the summer season and you can play with different colors without any hesitation. A pair of light blue faded jeans paired with a white buttoned down shirt will complete the checkered jacket/blazer look. Now, you are all set to conquer any meeting or event with this flawless formal look.

Watch out for these Breathtaking Wedding Suits and Tuxedos

Most of the weddings happen in the summer season and that’s the reason you need to be educated on the wedding suits and tuxedos fashion this summers. Before we head into the minor details, let us tell you that there are three colors that are going to be huge in this season’s wedding wear trend:

  • Blue Tuxedos and Suits
  • Black Tuxedos and Suits
  • Grey Tuxedos and Suits

Blue Tuxedos

When we talk about tuxedos or suits, the first thing that one should consider is the color. The color that has seen to gain popularity this year is blue. Whether it is navy, midnight, or slate, blue is dictating the men’s fashion this year. The good thing about this color is that you can carry it anytime; day or night.

If you are going for a blue tuxedo, make sure you buy the one with shawl collar. You can take the reference of shawl collar suits from the Oscars. These types of suits are made for extremely formal events like a corporate conference or a wedding. A perfect wedding tuxedo would be a midnight blue suit with a navy blue silk shawl collar. You can also take a look at the Oscar red carpet where many celebrities opted for a navy blue tuxedo.

Black Tuxedos

Black tuxedos are classy and never out of fashion. However, their tailoring styles change every year. Black suits are considered the foundation of men’s formal wear, especially when you have to attend a formal dinner or a wedding. Another thing that you have to keep in mind when going for a black tuxedo is that black color is more appropriate for evening events. However, there are no solid rules against it, it is always best to be mindful when wearing dark colors.

Grey Tuxedos

If you are looking for a sleek and timeless suit to wear at a wedding, then you should get your hands on a grey tuxedo. Grey tuxedos are extremely fabulous to wear at weddings. One cannot deny the fact that they are extremely classy and chic. The good thing about grey tuxedos or suits is that they can be worn at formal events all year long. The lighter shades of grey are more in fashion this year than the darker ones. However, you can wear steel grey tuxedos for daytime weddings and events.

The Cutaway Tailcoat

Talking about suit styles, the cutaways are back with a bang. To be honest, this style was utterly inspiring and had to be back in fashion. A cutaway tailcoat is a coat which is longer at the back and cut from the front. This type of suit is meant for morning or daytime events and weddings. The cutaway tailcoat gives a very decent look for someone looking to make a grand appearance at an event or a wedding.

Tie is No More a Necessity

If you always had trouble picking the best tie to go with your suit then there is good news for you. Ties are no longer a necessity for formal suits. You can opt for collar-less button down shirts and pair them with classy blazers to get a complete formal look. If you have to attend a semi-formal event, the best way to rock the tie-less look is to wear a button down checkered dress shirt with a dark blue blazer and a pair of khaki pants. You can go for a more corporate look by wearing a blue button down shirt with a pair of black dress pants and a grey blazer.

Flaunt a Classy Look with an Off-White Dinner Jacket

Undoubtedly, off-white blazers and tuxedos are classy, sleek, and on point. Therefore, they are one of the most trending formal wears for this year. Hollywood men seem to love this style and have been seen pulling off an off-white tuxedo on different red carpet events. If you are thinking that you will only need to replace your blazer with an off-white one to get this look then you are sadly mistaken.

When wearing an off-white tuxedo, you have to make sure that your whole outfit is in sync with it. You can wear a black vest under your off-white jacket with a pair of black dress pants and a white dress shirt. To go for a slicker look, you can opt for white button down shirt and a pair of black pants to go with your off-white dinner jacket. It is best to wear a black bow tie with these looks.

The Red, White, and Blue Combination

There are many guys who want to make a unique appearance at any event that they attend. All they want is to turn heads and attract everyone’s attention towards themselves. Well, luckily, we have something interesting for such confident males; a combination of red, white, and blue suit.

To create a preppy look, buy a red colored crisp coat, a pair of white twill trousers, and a light blue button down shirt. This is a perfect eye-catching look for a formal event, a corporate function, or just lunch with some colleagues.

Wearing a Rich Colored Tuxedo for a Night-Time Event

When it comes to formal wear, there are no color limitations, especially during the summer season. So, if you want to attend a night-time event, you can buy a rich colored suit to become the highlight of any event. If you don’t have a huge budget to buy different types of suits, simply get one neutral colored suit and a rich emerald colored suit to complete your formal wardrobe. Suits in rich jewel colors are perfect for corporate dinners and after evening functions. A rich emerald green suit will create a sophisticated look when paired with black colored bow tie and shoes.

Dressing-up for a Garden Wedding

Summer weddings are held in a variety of venues including the most popular garden wedding. When it comes to garden weddings, you have to make sure that your outfit is vibrant. Therefore, you need to pick a jacket that has a bright color. A good way to rock the outdoor look is to buy a bright maroon blazer, a pair of cotton pants rolled at the hems; a polka dotted or printed shirt, and a striped tie. If you want, you can ditch the tie and create a different look for a garden wedding. When going for a bright colored blazer, there is a lot of room to play with pastel colors for trousers. Chinos are a perfect option for this look.

Final Word

Summer season stands for weddings, outdoor events, and parties, and if you have a lot of invitations lined up, you have to be extra careful in picking the right apparel to look smart and fashionable at the same time. There are many other things that you need to take into consideration when preparing for a formal event or function. Accessories are one of the things that you can’t miss, especially a good watch. It is always best to consider a pair of classic sunglasses for a daytime or evening outdoor event. Last but not least, make sure you carry yourself with confidence and nothing will keep you from becoming the center of attention.

So, before you run out of time, hit the shopping mall and try out different suits and styles mentioned in this article. Keep in the mind the look you want to achieve, and then try out the best available options that come under your budget.

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