Entrepreneur Interview – Luka Macner

Interview with Luka Macner

Co-Founder and CEO of Madbarz Fitness App

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Why did you launch the Madbarz App?

It was a few years long journey, from first idea to realization. Madbarz was first a bar-community website that was for street workout community. We collected over 500 teams worldwide that were doing street workout / calisthenics on a daily basis. And it was a news portal too; we covered everything connected to bodyweight workout, street workout and calisthenics… almost 2 years ago we decided to build an app that would have every feature one may need if he practiced this sport. More than 2 years ago we started to post free workouts in the form of photos. Our fans loved it so much that we figured that we could make an app out of that, and we did – a very good one.

What is different about Madbarz from other fitness apps on the market?

What differentiates Madbarz from other fitness apps is precise tracking of workouts that later enables you to see your sharply accurate statistics and progress. It tracks every part of your workout so you get as much data and statistics as possible. Also, the community of more than 215,000 Facebook fans plays a role too.

The concept is quite unique. After the app walks you through your workout you get a bunch of information about your exercise. You will know exactly which muscles you have activated and how much progress you made over time. When you tap through your workout, everything is recorded – your repetitions, seconds, rest time, etc.  In future releases, you will be able to see visualized details, statistics and progress.

What are your qualifications to develop a fitness app?

On one hand, our developers combined have around 45 years of development experience and on the other hand, I have done street workout for more than 5 years. We developed the Madbarz app together with certified fitness trainers and experts who have many years of experience in this field.

How long was the development process for your app?

Development of the iOS, Android and web app lasted almost 18 months.

When your app was in beta what was the top feedback item your users provided?

Top feedback was that they LOVED IT! Other than that, they wanted to have more organizational features so they can construct workout plans for … 2 or 4 weeks … after that they miss instruction on how to achieve certain elements like human flag etc.

What have you learned about the process of releasing an app?

It’s a bit stressful because you need to be very careful not to do something wrong. You need to create press release text and all the photos etc. and you need to do all that while you work on the next features for the mobile app and web.

What advice would you give others who are dreaming of releasing an app, any kind of app?

It can be very hard work.  Advice: make a quality app that people want, our waiting list had 300 – 600 signups each day which means we were creating something people love and need, and we didn’t do any marketing…  Other than that, be smart and test things during the development process.

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