Emma Brown September 2015 Kandy Interview

Emma Brown
Fit, Sexy & Sandy
Photos by Charlie Suriano
HMU Shannon Palmer

You could call her one of Australia’s OGG, Original Glamour Girls. She has graced the cover of the most popular Australian men’s magazines, past and present. She even sexed up the pages of Kandy in our October 2013 issue. Now, she is back with her very first Kandy cover. Join us in welcoming back Emma Brown!

Emma, first off. Welcome back to Kandy.
Hi Kandy Lovers! Firstly, thank you for having me. I’m so glad to be here!

When you first appeared back in Kandy in October 2013 you were transitioning into fitness modeling. What’s the latest?
The latest with my fitness modeling is I won my recent ANB Show representing Shredded Strength Institute so that was absolutely amazing! I’m having a break at the moment enjoying training for myself and just loving life. I am looking forward to a couple of fitness shoots coming up and I will be helping out backstage at the next ANB Show.

What do you enjoy most about fitness modeling?
I enjoy the way you watch your body change, slowly adding lean muscle and curves where you want them. 🙂 I enjoy being coached through training programs that you don’t even think you’re going to be able to do! I enjoy helping others. I am so looking forward to completing my studies so I can start work as a personal trainer. I guess I enjoy all of it!

What do you enjoy least?
Occasionally I am guilty of not being balanced. I guess that would be the thing I would change. There’s not really much I don’t enjoy!

What is the biggest lifestyle change you have made for fitness modeling?
Well, when I started I was a complete novice, never trained or followed a nutrition plan so pretty much everything changes. You need to pay attention to every aspect if you want to get the best results which I did. The nutrition would have been the biggest change, followed closely by a training regimen which becomes increasingly challenging as you get better. 🙂 I am so happy with the changes I have made and the lifestyle I have now. 🙂 I would definitely recommend healthy lifestyle changes.

What keeps you motivated?
HaHa Results! Or aiming for results. 🙂 It’s something you can constantly work on; there’s always room for improvement so it’s easy to stay motivated. I love having new programs I find that are very motivating.

What milestones have you set or accomplished?
As I said, I have won two ANB Shows which have been awesome achievements, that’s definitely something I’m very proud of. 🙂 Becoming a sponsored athlete and being able to represent my Institute up on stage. Shooting for Oxygen Magazine was also an absolutely amazing experience. There are so many great things in this industry.

What are some training tips for someone who’s the beer drinking couch potato?
Honestly, I wouldn’t give them tips unless they asked me too. I don’t judge people who are different to me but if they did ask me too I would definitely be there to help them and provide some tips! Obviously, the first one would be less beer and couch! haha

What would you say are some of the biggest mistakes people make when they first start training?
This is a really good question. I was really lucky as I got myself one of the world’s best coaches so I have been very well trained by her. So my answer would be … they don’t learn technique and they don’t warm up; they try to go too heavy too fast and they don’t really know their bodies. I would suggest getting yourself a great coach who will train you and look after your well-being. And, also realize that training is only part of being leaner and stronger – your nutrition is what will make the difference!

What are your favorite cheat meals and foods?
Mine aren’t really cheats they are more treats. Maybe on a Sunday night I’m a sucker for pizza and then ice-cream. mmm haha

Who is an inspirational person to you?
My Coach Kelly. Ever since I started at Shredded Strength Institute I knew she was someone I really admired. Now five years later, she is still my inspiration.

What is the funniest moment you witnessed at a competition?
Actually everyone is so dehydrated, excited, nervous, pumping up and trying to perfect the tan!! Running around half naked!! Several funny things happen but none really stand out as the funniest. I guess it’s all a little bit funny, now I think about it. 🙂

Odds and Ends
My ride of choice is … I have always loved V8’s.
My favorite travel spot is … Bali. Double Six Hotel Actually Absolutely Breathtaking.
My favorite cheat beverage is … I’m a non-drinker so it would have to be … milkshakes!!
What I love about Australia is … Everything. How can you not this is just the most beautiful country. I will never live anywhere else.
What I love about America is … The opportunities, The people, The differences. I loved America and I’m so excited to come back and see you again! America is absolutely beautiful.
The last concert I went to was … Linkin Park.
My favorite article of clothing is … My Adidas tracksuit! I’m wearing it now. 🙂
My best first date was … My best first date never ended.
3 things a guy should never say to a woman … I told you so.  I’m not hungry. I can’t lift that. hahahaha
1 thing a guy should tell his girl every day … I think showing it is more important. Showing she is loved.
List the first 3 items you see in your purse – Perfume, Money, Phone
If we were to pop your car trunk what would we find? Nothing. Also Clean 🙂 Just the spare.

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