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I’ve been attempting to figure out a fair argument to determine the GOAT in NBA history. So I pose this question with my answer being NO. Lebron James has been to 8 straight conference finals but would ANY of his Cavs teams (not counting the Heat and you know why) had beaten the 80’s Celtics led by Larry Bird or the 80’s Lakers led by Magic Jordan for a title or the Bulls led by Michael Jordan or even the Bad Boys Pistons? If you can’t beat the best, you are not the best. End of story. #koochsez  #GOAT

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NBA Salaries – Food for Thought

It will take 23 years for the average household in Cleveland to earn what Lebron makes in 1 week.


LeBron James – Love Him or Hate Him?

Because he was a winner. And that’s why it’s hard to see people changing their minds about LeBron while seeing him holding the championship trophy.


Recapping A Wild NBA Draft 2016

While the first two selections went according to plan, the night took a considerable left turn when it was Boston's turn on the clock.


The Shadow Economics of Sports

This underworld economy is so large that if ripped out of the sporting world athletes and team owners would appreciate what it takes for an average family trying to survive on a single income.

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NBA 2015 – 16 Season Preview

Much like the annual rite of scantily clad nuns, scantily clad nurses, and scantily clad ninja turtles, this past Halloween weekend meant the NBA season is back in full swing and here's what to expect...


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