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MY Way – Elvis Presley vs Frank Sinatra

Who did it better? Elvis or Frank? Comment below!

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Star Wars Battlefront II Review

Star Wars Battlefront II: EA Strikes Back By David Stonecipher I don’t know if anyone has ever actually wondered who would win in a fight between Lando Calrissian and Darth Maul, but if The Simpsons...

Nikki Leigh Kandy Magazine America Tribute
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NIKKI LEIGH’s WORLD – Military Appreciation, Turkish, Cartwheels and Sunflower Seeds

I remembered that 2016 was the 75th Anniversary of the USO, that is what made me want to do this. I wanted to show military appreciation.

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Louis C.K.’s ‘Horace and Pete’ is More than Mere Television

It’s a Shakespearean reality show, where Louis C.K. opens his heart in a way that allows fiction to reveal more honesty than nonfiction.


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