Brittany Danyelle September 2015 Krush Interview

Brittany’s World
Brittany Danyelle
Photos by Aaron Riveroll

Brittany has been on our radar for a long time. And, with the assistance of our mutual friend and photographer – Aaron Riveroll – we are finally able to bring her sultry looks to the pages of Kandy. Prepare yourself to get lost in Brittany’s World.

She lists her occupation as a YouTuber. She doesn’t own a purse.  She says she feels safest when driving her own car and the inside of her car is clean, but if you were to pop the car trunk you would find blankets she gets from American Airlines … “I pass them out to people sleeping outside in LA.”

What she loves most about LA is the entertainment industry and what she loves least is what we all dislike, the Traffic. The last movie she saw was Straight Outta Compton and the last concert she went to was Florida Georgia Line, Anything Goes Tour 2015.  Her favorite actress is Kerri Washington and the biggest star she has met is Blake Griffin. When the conversation turns to sports her favorite team is the “Philadelphia Eagles….bleed green all day!” And, if you wondering where she might be taking in the Eagles games this fall, “The Parlour has nice size of Eagles’ fans there.”

Brittany reminds us that when in relationships there are 3 things you should never say to a woman, “I’m prettier than you,”I know what you like,” and Can you buy this for me?” But, always remember every day, before you walk out that door, to let her know that “You’re going to make things happen.”

She says she has yet to experience her best first date. Her favorite restaurant is STK and her favorite meal is Oysters. And, no surprise, the ideal date night … “Anything involving oysters.” So, guys let us help you connect the dots – STK, Oysters, and the remaining dots … turn to her Kandy ingredients available only in the 4 year anniversary issue of Kandy.


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