Best Tailgating App – Social Networking

App: Find My Friends
Publisher: Apple
Size: 6.1 MB
Price: Free

Why you should download
So, you’ve arrived early and decide to get some tailgating in. The problem is you decided the morning of the game to go. You scalped some tickets, no biggie. But now what? Use Find My Friends to see if any of your iPhone buddies are tailgating. Oh, and the great thing about it, it’s already preloaded on your iPhone, that is unless you removed it.

Our Favorite Features:

  • Location-based alerts that can notify you automatically when a friend arrives at the stadium
  • Set up alerts to notify friends about changes in your location, moving from lot G3 to H5


  • Friends have to have had accepted an invitation to be seen on your network

 Value Added Bonus:
You can hide your location with a single switch so that chick repellent buddy of yours from college can’t track you down and kill whatever game you got going on with the ladies.

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