April 2015 Cover Model Jennifer Irene

Leather, Lace, Studs, Stilettos … and a Touch of Sass
5 Temptations That Will Seduce Any Man
Photos by Mike Prado
HMU Liz Carrillo
Wardrobe Courtesy of American Honey Swimwear, Pinkini swimwear, and Starline Lingerie

You are familiar with the nursery rhyme that perfect little girls are made up of sugar and spice and everything nice. But what about the perfect grown up girl? What ingredients are required for the perfect grown up girl? Jennifer Irene’s Kandy magazine shoot conveys temptations that would seduce any man and along the way mixes the ingredients for the perfect Kandy girl, which, in itself, is the perfect grown up girl – leather, lace, studs, stilettos and a touch of sass. At least, it is to us if you are living the Kandy life!

When you woke up this morning did you think you were going to be wearing so many clothes for your Kandy magazine shoot?

I was actually hoping to be covered in actual candy for the shoot since sugar and spice makes everything nice! Then I could eat all the Kandy off of my own body! Yum …. No, seriously though, since when were bikinis and lingerie considered “a lot of clothes”. haha.  I guess it is a lot more than my birthday suit. LOL.

For a Kandy cover model they are considered a lot of clothes. Haha … What do you think of our new adherence to the different App store guidelines on glamour photos?

While I can understand how this can become a disappointment for some of our readers, I personally don’t mind it at all. If that’s what it takes to keep our magazine up and running for your enjoyment, then challenge gladly accepted! Besides, sometimes less is more.   When other people have to wonder what you’re about because you’re not a show-all type of woman, that’s when you climb the ladder of sex appeal. You leave more to the imagination and lure people in. It makes them want to get to know you more. It’s like hunting! The longer you hold out, the more mysterious you become to them which makes them want you more. The best things don’t come easy.  {Wink} Let’s leave some room for fantasy and imagination.

We have to err on the side of caution nowadays. Tell us a little about the shoot.

Sometimes playing by the rules/guidelines isn’t always fun, but who said we couldn’t live a bit on the edge?   The shoot was set in a beautiful mansion in Orange County, CA.  With the help of our talented designers American Honey Swimwear, Pinkini swimwear, and Starline lingerie, we were able to create a fun, sexy, and edgy look.  Leather, lace, studs, and stilettos … and a touch of sass! And do you want to know the best part? We were able to end the day with some green beer and corned beef in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day!

What’s this talk on the shoot about wanting to race cars? Any race series in particular?

I have one speed and that’s “catch me if you can”. As the official spokes model for VP racing fuels, I have been extremely fortunate to be able to see and experience a lot within the racing world. I’ve discovered that Fast cars, NICE cars, adrenaline, and living on the edge are what I live for.  Unfortunately I know that becoming an actual race car driver is merely a dream for me.  It will probably never happen.  However, I do love to mess around on the track for fun once in a while and occasionally you may see me on set doing stunt work (including precision driving).

This is your second appearance in Kandy and we covered it in your first appearance but for our readers who don’t own it, tell us a little about your heritage.

I am an exotic mix of Taiwanese and Mexican (a.k.a. fried rice and frijoles).  Although I was born and raised in Redondo Beach, CA, I spent a great deal of my life traveling back and forth from the States, Taiwan, and Mexico.  Growing up, I didn’t understand why I had to leave my friends all the time, but now that I’m older I realize that having that travel experience was actually a blessing in disguise. Having a multicultural background has opened my eyes to a lot and has given me a great new perspective on the world.

Now that you have conquered the cover of Kandy, what’s next on your hit list?

Landing the cover of Kandy magazine was definitely exciting. These past couple of years I’ve been dabbling with television hosting for a few different networks. I absolutely love it!! Who knows … maybe I will be the next Brooke Burke and land a hosting gig for a huge television network? Fingers crossed …. okay arms, legs, and toes are crossed too!

We understand you appear in the newest Fast and Furious movie. What scene and what are you doing?

YES! Fast and the Furious was so much fun! We spent 5 days filming in 105 degree weather for what will probably be a small 5-minute scene. LOL… Background extras were dropping like flies in that heat (literally at least 50 a day). It’s crazy how much time, money, equipment, and work goes into making movies. Without giving away any juicy details in the film, all I can say is that you may see me in the “race wars” scene. [Big smiles]

What was it like to work with Vin Diesel?

From what it seems Vin Diesel is quite a funny character. He rolled INTO set by helicopter and zipped around on an electric scooter high-fiving people as he passed. It was hilarious. He seems like a really nice guy.

How are his motor skills?

Haha… well, he definitely knows how to manhandle an electric scooter, that’s for sure. As far as handling the amazing cars on set, it’s hard to judge based on the scenes that we did. We did a lot of close up takes inside the car and on the track, so I didn’t really get to witness him driving much. I’m sure he’s amazing though.

Is acting a career you are looking at expanding?

Most definitely! It’s a job and experience aside from any other job around. I love it!  I’m going to continue to try to perfect my skills and expand my credentials for as long as I can and hope that someday I will make it big. If not, at least I can say I tried my best and I have the memories to go with it. Live with intention. Choose with no regret. Continue to learn. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is. Cheers!

You’ve had some interesting shoots over the years. Tell us a little about one of the more interesting shoots.

Oh, my gosh! There are so many it’s hard to narrow it down. LOL. One that definitely comes to mind (and it was all caught on video) was when I landed my first cover of FHM with Tera Patrick. We shot in a ranch somewhere in the Valley and there were a lot of horses. Someone had the bright idea to put me on top of the horse without a saddle and the darn thing took off running and straight into a tree…. WITH ME ON IT! LOL.  If you want a good laugh then check out the video on my youtube

What would you say is one thing that you have changed your opinion about pertaining to the modeling industry since you started?

First of all, just a few years ago, I would have never imagined that I would have a career in modeling.  I went to college for international banking and always thought I would work in the corporate world … I always thought that girls who wanted to model and act were all superficial and all they had to do was look pretty and pose for the camera. BOY was I wrong!  Modeling is one of the hardest and most competitive industries to try to break into.   You are a brand, you are a business, and only you have the power to CREATE your brand/business. It is a LOT of work! HARD work!

Modeling requires a lot of maintenance, staying in shape (not just for looks but also for posing – you know you’ve had a good shoot if your body is sore the next day from all the posing), taking the time to book yourself work, making and collecting invoices, networking, maintaining social media, maintaining a fan base, time management with a very odd and unusual schedule, travel.  The list goes on!  To be a SUCCESSFUL model (not just an Instagram model …sorry girls) requires good business management and marketing capabilities.  Also having a job in the public eye can be tough because you have to always keep in mind that it takes years to build a reputation and only 5 minutes to ruin it.  With that said, it is an understatement to say that my opinion about modeling has MOST DEFINITELY changed compared to my initial misconception that modeling was all about being superficial and pretty for the camera.

What advice would you give the girl who just got off the bus from Red Oak, Iowa who came to Hollywood to make it in the business?

I’d be like “Honey, milk doesn’t come as easy here in California as it does in Iowa”. LOL! My best advice would be to network wherever you go. I’ve booked most of my jobs through networking and word of mouth.  Networking is KEY out here along with all of the other million things I stated in the question before this one.  It’s a small world and you never know who you are going to meet or what opportunities can be staring you in the face. So always conduct yourself in a professional and respectful manner and always remember to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Confidence shines and will help you book work.

What advice would you give photographers who are starting out?

The best advice that I can give photographers who are starting out is to make sure that they never cross the line of respect at a photoshoot ESPECIALLY if you have never worked with the model before.  There is nothing worse than shooting lingerie, bikinis, or implied with a photographer who gives you the creeps or is making creepy comments or remarks. It is very important to stay professional or else models won’t want to work with you anymore. Trust me; you can only burn so many bridges in this industry before word gets around.  Make sure to always bring a model release and have a concept plan ready prior to shooting. This helps the model show up prepared and allows her to know what to expect. Also remember that every photo you put on the web, most likely STAYS on the web. So when releasing photos, try to be considerate to the model and ensure that it is a photo that she also likes. As a model photographer team, you want to make sure that your photos represent BOTH of your brands in the best possible light.

There’s a famous Herb Ritts photo of supermodels Stephanie Seymour, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Tatjana Patitz, and Naomi Campbell. If you were given the opportunity to recreate that photo, what models today would you choose to include?

I LOVE that photo! If I were given the opportunity to recreate that photo, I would want to make it a melting pot of cultures. I would choose Jessa Hinton (our beautiful blonde barbie), Emily Sears (our hilarious Aussie bombshell), Jessica Cribbon (our curvaceous Aussie brunette), Phoenix Skye (whatever nationality she is… I love it! Dark and exotic), and last but not least, Myself!   HEY KANDY MAGAZINE…. Can we do it? Please, Please, Please! Let’s just recreate it! LOL

That’s a very impressive list of names you just rattled off. Hmm… something for us to ponder. Thanks Jennifer. Share with us your fan pages on social media so our readers can follow you online.

Thank you guys for all of your support.

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