American League East 2017 Season Prediction

American League East
Raise your hand if you have Red Sox repeating? Live a little. Too many intangibles say they don’t repeat and why we love the Orioles this year who will be led by AL MVP candidate Adam Jones.

Baltimore Orioles
Biggest Additions: P Logan Verrett
Biggest Losses: C Matt Wieters
Achilles Heel: Outfield defense. Someone has to catch the ball when it is hit to someone other than Adam Jones.
Kandy says: AL Championship run on the legs of 2017 AL MVP Adam Jones.

New York Yankees
Biggest Additions: Closer/P Aroldis Chapman
Biggest Losses: 1B Mark Teixeira
Achilles Heel: Starting Pitching. The Yankees bullpen is lights out but can the starters go deep enough in games so the bullpen can close it out.
Kandy says: Yankees farm system is loaded with young talent and the 2017 season offers a peek at that talent. They may surprise this year but 2018 is the year they announce their arrival to MLB.

Boston Red Sox
Biggest Additions: P Chris Sale
Biggest Losses: DH David Ortiz
Achilles Heel: Loss of Big Papi. This year we find out how valuable Big Papi was in the lineup. His loss is immeasureble and the Red Sox hitters whom he protected last year find out it is a whole different ballgame with him not anchoring the batting order.
Kandy says: No big Papi means no playoffs and no joy in mudville for Red Sox fans.

Toronto Blue Jays
Biggest Additions: Kendrys Morales
Biggest Losses: Edwin Encarnacion
Achilles Heel: Confidence
Kandy says: The Blue Jays play in what may very be the toughest division in all of baseball.

Tampa Bay Rays
Biggest Additions: C Wilson Ramos
Biggest Losses: Logan Forsythe
Achilles Heel: Fan Support
Kandy says: The Rays are the East Coast Padres, playing in front of empty stands. Too many good teams puts them in the basement.

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