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5 Simple Tips To Break-through Plateaus

Hi Kandy Fans! I hope you’re making rocking progress in the gym and reaching all your goals. If you read my article in the April issue, I hope those tips were able to point you in the right direction. Now it’s time for a daunting topic, what to do when your progress plateaus! Here are 5 simple tips!

1) Variety. It’s good to keep with what works. Squats, chest presses, etc. But it’s also good to keep things fresh. If you start to stall on your progress, add in some variety – another angle for the exercise, supersets (2 exercises back to back) or even a drop set (on your last set, do 3 sets back to back while decreasing your weight).

2) Assess your eating. Assuming you have your eating on track, you may need to reassess and possibly add in more food. Yes, more food! If your metabolism is really kicking, you may need the added fuel.

3) Rest days. A lot of the time, people plateau because they aren’t properly resting. Remember, you don’t need to train every day. “Rest as hard as you train.”

4) Sleep. This connects to number 3, resting. If you aren’t sleeping, you’re likely not recovering optimally. Make sure you’re getting your ZZZ’s!

5) Purposeful training. Every workout should have an objective. You should never go into the gym not knowing what’s coming. Focus on your goals so you really hammer that workout day.

Remember, we all hit plateaus. Just keep focused on your goals and progressing forward. The key is to never stop going!

Until the next time Kandy lifters!
By Dan Stevens

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