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5 Fitness Myths Debunked

5 Fitness Myths Debunked
By Dan Stevens

Hey everyone! As one embarks on their fitness journey, you’re likely asking yourself a few questions. And, as a woman they may be one thing and for a man they will be different. Here are 5 fitness myths debunked for you.

1) “As a woman, I don’t want to lift and become bulky.” Ladies! This simply isn’t true. It takes years to build muscle and a female’s body works primarily with estrogen and not testosterone, making it that much more difficult. So don’t worry ladies. Weights won’t turn you into big, scary men.

2) “As a woman, I hear protein will also make me look bulky and is only for men.” Wrong! Protein is an essential nutrient in any human’s diet. You need it to simply recover from daily activity. You need more to help recover from exercise.

3) Muscle weighs more than fat. Wrong again! A pound of feathers weighs the same as a pound of pennies. Muscle and fat does not have different weights but rather different densities. So this would explain why if you take two people with the same body weight but one who’s muscular versus one who is fatter, they look completely different.

4) As a guy, I want to put on lots of muscle. Here’s the bottom line. Start eating and I mean a lot! Figure out how many calories you need at rest (Your BMR) and go above and beyond that number for total calorie intake. Eat big to get big! If you find that you aren’t growing like you hope, eating in good fat is a good way to get in calories. But always remember, building quality muscle takes a long time.

5) When I’m in the gym, I exercise in the weight room for at least 2 hours! This is overkill. If you’re strictly working on resistance training, less is more. Your goal should be to pump as much blood as possible in the specific muscle. Remember, you aren’t training for endurance.

I hope I have shed some light on a few fitness misconceptions and why they don’t hold a lot of truth.

And lastly, a BIG congratulations to my beautiful, soon to be wife Claudia Fijal earning the title of Krush of the Year for 2015!

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