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8 Fitness Tips To Lose Those Winter Cobwebs

8 Tips To Lose Those Winter Cobwebs

By Dan Stevens

Winter is over and there’s no longer a need for those baggy, loose fitting clothes. Now it’s time to think about shorts, tank tops and swimsuits! It’s time to bring out your summer bod! Let’s just hope that the holiday season didn’t wreak havoc on your physique. But if it did, have no fear, here are 8 tips for getting the winter cobwebs off and gearing up for the beach body season.

1) You can’t outwork a bad diet. If you still have junk food lying around the house, it’s time to pitch it. You need to be back on a good eating schedule and those temptations aren’t going to help.

2) Set micro goals. If you have more of those Christmas cookies to lose than you had hoped, it’s important to set small, manageable goals so you won’t get discouraged. Goals could be as simple as weight loss or hitting the gym a certain number of times per week.

3) Hire a professional personal trainer. If you really fell off the wagon during snow season, accountability may be important for you. Even if you can only afford a trainer once a week, knowing that person is in your corner will help you keep sight on your goals.

4) Reward yourself when you reach your goals. This could be a tangible item (a new pair of jeans or a new watch, for example) or simple as a meal at your favorite restaurant. Give yourself something to work towards that will help keep you on track to your main goal.

5) Have weekly cheat meals. Yes, a cheat meal. While I wouldn’t recommend an ambush of all the local buffets, this weekly meal will provide you with some sanity. It takes 3,500 unused calories to gain a pound so don’t worry about setting yourself back.

6) Eat breakfast! Break down the word – ‘break fast’ or ‘break the fast’. You’ve been sleeping for 8-9 hours and it’s time to kick that metabolism back up. A good solid breakfast with proper protein, carbs and fat will only help bring in that shredded summer body.

7) Sleep! Did you know that getting less than 7 hours of sleep a night is the equivalent of being hungover for your brain? It also negatively impacts hormone function which can make storing fat easier. So make it a point to get adequate sleep each and every night!

8) And lastly, remember carbs and fat are not the enemy. You need them. Fat helps with things such as hormone function and satiety and carbs are your primary source of energy.  A proper meal plan includes not only protein but a proper serving of carbs and fat with it.

With summer just on the horizon, these 8 easy tips will only help you bring out the rock hard summer body.

About The Author

Daniel Stevens is an Optimum Nutrition Sponsored Athlete and the 2014 Heavyweight Mr. Illinois. Prior to his bodybuilding career, he was a competitive cyclist and crowned Illinois State Champion 7 times. In addition to bodybuilding, he is also the owner of Premier Fitness, a boutique style gym focused on 1-on-1 personal training outside of Chicago, IL. But above all, Daniel’s proudest title is being fiancé to Kandy’s December 2013 Krush of the Month, Claudia Fijal.

Daniel is available for personal/online training, appearances as well as seminars.

IG @Dmoneystevens

Twitter @DannyStevens27

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