2015 Season NFL Week 2 Power Rankings

The first week of the season is in the books. Who looks most impressive and who is looking at a long season. Here are our rankings bottom to top after week 1.

32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – New QB, same old Bucs, despite what Winston says in post-game news conferences.

31. Oakland Raiders – We had such high hopes for the Raiders. They are going to have to show us much more than they did in week 1 to move out of this spot.

30. Minnesota Vikings – The only reason we have the Vikings ahead of the Raiders is we think they would win a head to head match up.

29. Cleveland Browns – Oh that quarterback position. How it can be the undoing of a team? Turnover Johnny at the helm.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars – We saw nothing in week 1 to make us believe the Jaguars will win more games than last season

27. Washington Redskins – The Redskins kept this game closer than we actually thought so perhaps there is hope in DC this year.

26. Chicago Bears – What the Bears have going in their favor is HC John Fox. What they don’t is QB Cutler.

25. Houston Texans – We so want to rank the Texans higher but not without an upgrade at their QB position.

24. New Orleans – Until we are proven otherwise the NFC South is the worst division in football and therefore you fall behind other comparable winless teams.

23. NY Giants – In Eli they trust. Bad idea on Sunday night. Don’t score? Eli – don’t think. Leave that to your coaches.

22. Detroit Lions – What happened to the Lions offense in the second half Sunday? Someone has some answering to do. Get the back to Megatron.

21. Pittsburgh Steelers РUntil they fix that secondary Pittsburgh is  bottom-third team.

20. Baltimore Ravens – Now comes time to rank the winless pre-season favorites. Until you win a game you fall behind the winners. At the bottom of these pre-season favorites are the Ravens. The loss of Suggs is huge.

19. Philadelphia Eagles – Our pre-season pick for the Super Bowl need to do better than they did in during opening week.

18. Seattle Seahawks – This is not last years team. Too many new faces starting.

17. Indianapolis Colts – By far, the most disappointing start of all teams. Things don’t get much easier with the Jets defense coming to town in week 2.

16. NY Jets – Speaking of the Jets, off all the victorious teams in week 1 we put the least amount of faith in that win.

15. Tennessee Titans – Hey, somebody had to win the match-up of rookies QB’s, why not Mariota.

14. Miami Dolphins – Nothing to get giddy all about. It was the Redskins.

13. Atlanta Falcons – Good opening week win over a good Eagles team. It did require some luck but that is the NFL.

12. San Francisco 49ers – Probably too high for this team but this is more reflective in them defeating a pre-season playoff favorite than the strength of the team.

11. Carolina Panthers – Somehow they figure out ways to win. And, as long as they continue to win they belong ranked high.

10.  Cincinnati Bengals РDominating performance on the road over what we thought were a vastly improved Raiders team. We were wrong.

9. St. Rams – Good team win over a good Seahawks team. Things are looking up in St. Louis in what could be their final season there.

8. Buffalo Bills – Has Rex Ryan finally found a QB to lead a team? So far, the answer appears yes.

7. Denver Broncos – Have the days of the Orange Crush returned? But, also have the days of Craig Morton returned with Peyton showing serious signs of decreasing performance? Maybe it’s time for him to skip the Papa John’s pizza and the Chicken Parm subs.

6. New England Patriots – What? Only 6. Hey, that was a feeble secondary they barely defeated Thursday.

5. Dallas Cowboys – Are these Cowboys resilient or just lucky? Maybe both. But, how do they overcome the lost of Dez Bryant in the upcoming weeks and Randy Gregory?

4. San Diego Chargers – What a performance in the second half by the Chargers defense. If Rivers performs more like John Elway and less like Bernie Kosar there may be a Super Bowl in their near future. A fitting farewell to San Diego.

3. Green Bay Packers – The Packers came out and performed as many predicted. However, we saw the Cardinals performance just a little more impressive in week 1.

2. Kansas City Chiefs – The Chiefs dominated Houston. A surprise to many but not us. We saw this coming. If they stay healthy they are serious Super Bowl contenders.

1. Arizona Cardinals – As long as they have Carson Palmer at QB we expect the Cardinals at the top of our weekly rankings. They are explosive on offense and strong on defense.

Where does your team fit in our rankings? Agree or disagree? Let us know.

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